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The first two meetings of the Society in 2020 are now on the Meetings page.

The section entitled 'Hoole and the Railways' has a new article entitled 'World War 1 & the Railways' researched and edited by Phil Cook and Linda Webb. (25 Nov 2019)


On Thursday December 12th in Room 3 of Hoole Community Centre, Westminster Road, Hoole CH2 3AP, the Society will hold its 2019 Annual General Meeting, Ralph Earlam our Chairman will present his annual report.

A list of all Hoole History & Heritage Society Meetings for 2019, and links to earlier meetings from 2012 onwards, can be found here.


The Hoole History & Heritage Society aims to study, advance and promote community awareness of the local history of the Hoole area (including parts of present-day Newton, Boughton, and Plemstall, as far as they impinge on Hoole).

We provide an opportunity for our members to explore and share their interests in our past by facilitating research and discussion leading to the preparation and presentation of papers, documents, photographs, personal recollections, and online resource.

We intend to create a detailed and accessible archive as a result of our joint researches so future generations will have an accurate record of the places and people that have shaped Hoole and the immediate surrounding area as it is today.

Data Protection Policy and Procedures - Hoole History and Heritage Society is committed to protecting all personal information that is entrusted to us by people and to respecting their rights around how their information is handled. A link to our data protection policy can be found in the 'Membership' section.

A clause has been added to our 'Terms and Conditions' page to address regular requests the Society receives for copies of the photographs we have on the website. This clause reads "Materials (including photographs) from which the articles in this website are developed are, unless otherwise identified, believed by the Society to reside in the public domain. Should anyone or any organisation dispute this assertion please contact the Society (through the Contact page) and we will do our utmost to resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction (e.g. by appropriate attribution)."


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